Remodeling For The Holiday's

With the Holiday’s right around the corner, many homeowners are preparing to host parties or family occasions. Having guests over is difficult enough, don’t let the layout of your home add to your stress! Even though a remodel will bring you joy year round, the holidays is a perfect excuse to show off your new kitchen! Some updates that could improve your house for the holidays are:

A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens can get hectic this time of year! Adding an island to your kitchen will add space and allow you to be more efficient. New cabinets and countertops can give you more storage and improve the visual appearance, a beautiful kitchen never goes out of style!

Open Up Your Floor Plan

It’s hard to host a party when you’re stuck in the kitchen. Removing the wall between the living room and kitchen will open up your area and allow you to enjoy the festivities or keep an eye on the kids while you cook!

New Addition

A large common area is a must have when hosting a group of people, especially if there’s a tree taking up some of that space! If Adding an entire new room onto your house isn’t practical, you can always extend your existing living room out to make it larger.

There are many benefits to remodeling your home this time of year. Whether your reason is for functionality, aesthetics, or efficiency, McHenry Remodeling will make sure it gets done right! Give us a call for a free estimate 541-926-5903