Running out of Space?

Have you outgrown your home? As our lives progress and our families grow, we’re bound to find ourselves running out of space sooner or later. If you already love your current location and home, an addition is an ideal solution for you. Additions come in many shapes and sizes, from extending a living  space a few feet, or adding square footage to a kitchen, to an all new master suite. The possibilities are endless!

Planning Your Deck

Spring is right around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to create your outdoor living space. Decks are great spaces for outdoor entertainment or for simply relaxing. Thinking through some of the ways you will use your deck the most can help you a lot in the design process. Think about how many tables, chairs, grills, etc. you will want on the deck. Then plan a layout based off of that. This will ensure that your deck is the proper size that will fit your needs. Location is also key, make sure to consider angles of the sun and weather patterns when you're mapping it out.

Why You Need To Invest In Your Kitchen

As a homeowner you should always invest in your home, and one of the best parts of your home to put that investment towards is your kitchen. A much-needed kitchen remodel can improve the overall value of your house, and potentially improve your quality of life. Never put off a needed kitchen remodeling project, especially if any of the materials are degrading! Some reasons for getting a kitchen upgrade are:

Deteriorated Materials or Surfaces:

Reasons To Invest In A Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is a big undertaking, but the payoff can be huge. Whether you’re itching to remodel, or have decided it’s time to make changes, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a bathroom remodel.

 Maybe your life has changed, when you bought your home it was just the two of you and now your family has grown. Or you’re done raising children, are ready to retire, and you want to age in place. Whatever the life change, if your bathroom isn’t cutting it, that’s a good sign it’s time to invest in a bathroom remodel.

Signs You Need New Siding

Keeping the exterior of your home protected is so important. If your siding is failing bigger problems can arise, such as dry rot, mold, or warping. Your siding is the only thing standing between the elements outside and your interior drywall and insulation. homeowners usually can’t tell how much harm has occurred until the siding is physically removed, revealing years of damage due to moisture penetration.

Here are several warning signs to be aware of:

1. Peeling paint.

2. Signs of mold or water damage.

3. Rotting or warping.

Amazing Full Kitchen Remodel!

This kitchen was completely gutted and replaced. All new custom white shaker style cabinets were installed along with shaker style island stained walnut. Countertops installed are Alaska White Granite with full height tile backsplash and a Blanco sink. Flooring is CoreTec Plus Premium 1/2" Valor Oak and was installed though out the kitchen and living area. All the appliances and sink were relocated, pendant lights and recess can lights were installed as well. Is your home in need of a full scale kitchen remodel?

Things To Consider While Planning A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovation incorporates so many things that it can easily overwhelm even the most determined homeowner. A good kitchen remodel instantaneously raises the value of your home and provides you with a more efficient cooking space. So, before beginning the process it is important to have an idea of what you want so you can work within your budget.

Revamping Your Home With James Hardie® Siding

Have you been playing with the idea of either re-painting your home or replacing the siding? Painting may be the quicker way, but completely replacing your siding comes with so many more benefits. James Hardie® offers premium options of fiber cement siding, including different sizes, styles, and textures that can really customize a home. A brand new fiber cement façade will make your home look brighter, fresher, and full of character to stand apart on your block.