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We partner with Interior Designers, Contractors, Builders and more professional trades to deliver better outcomes for your customers. 

Faster Delivery.

Reliable Scheduling.

Bulk Order Savings & Installations.

We partner up with Interior Designers, Contractors and Builders. We provide FASTER and more RELIABLE delivery and/or installation of countertops, backsplash, cabinetry and more to provide a better experience for your customers and YOU. 

McHenry Remodeling knows how frustrating it can be to get excuses when your project is waiting on a supplier or a sub-contractor that doesn’t put a priority on your jobs. We know, so we changed things to offer Fast & Reliable materials & installs.

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General Questions

We prioritize clear and consistent communication. We'll establish a regular meeting schedule with you to discuss progress, address questions, and ensure everyone is on the same page. We'll also be readily available for phone calls or emails to address any concerns promptly.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. We're flexible and adaptable, working collaboratively with you to find solutions that minimize disruption to the overall project timeline. We'll proactively communicate any potential delays or adjustments to you, ensuring everyone is informed.

Absolutely! We maintain comprehensive general liability insurance to protect all parties involved. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in their areas of expertise, whether it's furniture installation, window treatments, or decorative finishes. We can provide references and proof of relevant certifications upon request.

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