Bathroom Remodels Are Becoming Less Conventional

Ask a bathroom-remodeling contractor to describe a “typical bathroom renovation” and we will tell you that there is not a typical one these days. Like so many aspects of home remodeling today, bathroom remodeling has become all about personalization and possibilities.

First, I say “personalization” rather than customization. A so-called typical bathroom remodel used to include a tub, shower, toilet and vanity. Now, even a luxurious master bath may not include a tub – some people do not want to use the floor space since they do not have the time or desire to take baths. Instead, they want their bathroom-remodeling contractor to give them a larger shower enclosure.

In conventional bathrooms, vanities were mounted on the floor. Today, wall mounted bathroom cabinets are increasingly popular components of bathroom remodeling. The fact that they “float” makes even smaller bathrooms feel large and uncluttered.

Back to the point I made about personalization: bathroom renovation is all about what you like, what you need and how you live. No two families are the same – and that is why today’s bathroom remodeling is becoming far less conventional. Anything goes!