Kitchen Remodeling Myths

A Kitchen Remodel Doesn’t Add Value to My Home-

This could not be further from the truth. Remodeling the kitchen, in fact, adds more value than doing work on any other room. The more worn or out of style your current kitchen is the more value should be gained from remodeling it. The better and more extensive the changes you make the more you should be able to add to your asking price when the day comes to sell.

Remodeling a Kitchen Is Just Too Expensive-

It's true that a remodel for any room can feel like quite a project, it’s a much larger expense than simply redecorating your home. However, when a kitchen remodel is done right, it will add enjoyment to your home for years to come. A common investment percentage for a kitchen remodel is from 11%-18% of the value of your home.

I Can DIY My Kitchen Remodel-

Many people don’t realize how big a kitchen remodeling job can be, not only must your kitchen be safe, but it should also harmonize with the rest of your home and ideally add value to it. Unfortunately, some people think that they can DIY a kitchen remodeling job just because they watch some show on HGTV, but that’s simply not the case. Kitchen remodeling doesn’t come cheap, but at McHenry Remodeling we do things correctly the first time.

Everything Needs To Be Replaced So Older Parts Don’t Look Outdated-

Not everything needs to be replaced. We can help you plan a small-scale kitchen remodel that integrates the new with the old.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, don’t let these myths intimidate you. McHenry Remodeling will help you make a plan based on your needs and make the process seamlessly easy for you, give us a call today!