Porches, Patios, Decks, Sunrooms

It’s almost summertime! With that in mind, it may be time to add an outdoor living space. Whether it’s an upgrade or a whole new addition, McHenry Remodeling has ideas for spaces that will not only add to your enjoyment, but will also increase the attractiveness and value of your home.


  • Porches can be as large or small as your lot allows.
  • For a back porch, the wider it is, the easier it will be to create inviting furniture groupings.
  • Pay attention to details so that the porch blends with the design of your home and doesn’t look like a tacked-on addition.
  • Add height and features such as a vaulted ceiling and exposed beams.
  • Add screens or glass doors for year round enjoyment.


  • Patios today are like outdoor rooms.
  • They can include a built-in barbecue grill, counters, sink, and fridge for year-round entertaining.
  • A dramatic fireplace or simple fire pit adds warmth.


  • Sunrooms can range from very simple, casual spaces to elegantly fixed rooms with rising windows and fine finishes.
  • A sunroom addition is like an extension of your interior living space that merges your indoor/outdoor living areas.
  • Consider adding a separate energy-efficient ductless heater/air conditioner to the new room.
  • Natural sunlight will overflow the room during the day but innovative lighting is needed for this space at night.
  • The flooring and finishes of the sunroom with determine the ambiance it gives off.

Adding an outdoor living area to your home or renovating an existing space can give you something to enjoy year round. As long as these spaces are designed to complement your home, they can improve the value. At McHenry Remodeling we can help design and build your outdoor living area seamlessly making sure your design balances your home. Give us a call today!