Rain Can Be A Reminder!

   I'm sure everyone noticed that we've had some rain showers lately. Along with helping the garden grow and keeping the grass green, the rain can remind us of that leaky window or the missing shingles that blew off last winter.

   Repairs like these shouldn't be put off until the fall; now is the time to fix the problem before it grows and turns into a costly repair!


Off and Running! (On Vinyl Tile)

   Last week our team finished off a couple projects, one being a vinyl tile floor using a product by Armstrong.

   vinyl tile, kichen floor

It feels like a linoleum floor but has the look of tile. It can be grouted like tile or applied tightly together to minimize lines.

 Another advantage is it doesn't crack or break like a stone or ceramic product, and can be cut with a jigsaw or knife instead of setting up a messy wetsaw in your yard!