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Check out a few Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Remodeling a bathroom can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Many remodels and home projects can take a significant amount of time and money and, in the end, not yield much in home value or comfort. Bathroom remodeling is one of the best bang for your buck remodels you can do. In an article in Forbes magazine, it was shown that doing a mid-range bathroom renovation is one of the best investments you can make, and may even increase your home value by more than the addition costs. Remodeling your bathroom is about more than just increasing the value of your home. Your bathroom is space you will use multiple times per day. It may be the first room you enter in the mornings, it’s the room where you will prepare for big meetings and fun nights out, and it can be a room full of convenience and beauty, making your home that much more comfortable for you and your family.

If you are looking for a stylish up to date bathroom, we have a few trends you should know about.

  • Bathtubs are out. The shower is becoming the focal point of many bathrooms today and a boring tub with high sides and a shower curtain is not going to give your new bathroom the “wow factor you want it to have. An awesome shower can add comfort and practicality to your bathroom as well as beauty and refinement. Adding a shower that has a floor to ceiling glass door can do all that if you combine it with the right tile and colors. Also, consider adding a bench since you will not have tub sides to rest things on or hold your shower essentials.
  • Vanities are for more than holding your soap dish. Modern vanities have taken a new turn and are moving away from the traditional pedestal with a sunken sink to more modern and aesthetically pleasing designs. The vanity is not about storage any more, it is about creating the right look in your bathroom. The right vanity can help your new bathroom feel more like a spa than just a place to clean up before bed. Vanities trending today are featuring more glass, smaller footprints and raised sinks that add refinement and a touch of class to your bathroom. Also, do not forget about choosing the right fixture for your vanity. Faucets today, like showers and commodes, are moving towards water saving designs to help reduce our impact on the environment. Even while being green, the faucets trending today can be stunning and feature many silver colors and the look of heavy metal.
  • Great storage keeps a bathroom looking great. Keeping your remodeled bathroom clean and neat will be difficult if you have to leave everything out on your beautiful new vanity since you have no storage space. Having the proper storage in your bathroom is the key to keeping it clutter free and looking good all the time. Storage trends have moved towards hidden or flush mount wall cabinets and pieces that look more like furniture than storage. Choosing the right storage pieces for personal items as well as linens can help your bathroom feel like just another comfortable room in the house, rather than a locker room. Consider choosing storage containers with wooden accents that are slim and will not take up too much space. Make sure all of your storage choices are items that will stand up in a moist environment.

McHenry Remodeling has over 25 years of experience remodeling bathrooms in the area and has the right tools to help you design and build the perfect bathroom in your home. For more information, give McHenry Remodeling a call at (541) 926-5903 or get more information from our website about our bathroom remodeling services.

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