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High Quality Home Remodeling You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Looking for a company to make your dream home remodeling project come true can be a little complicated. People often think to themselves which company can give me the optimum quality work that also fits my budget. McHenry Remodeling wants to give you exactly what you envisioned while working to fit your budget to make your dreams a reality. Making life long relationships with our customers is a very important key to our company and crew. Getting to know our customer and making a relationship with them helps us get a better understanding on what exactly you want, that way we can provide you with the most accurate service.

Remodelers do not sell a commodity-we sell a service. Remodeling can never be priced on a per square foot basis. There are too many variables. It is up to us to provide homeowners the information about the “process of remodeling.” We are not just managing a project; we are managing a process.

In a remodeling project, homeowners are putting one of their biggest assets, their home, at risk. When the project starts, varying degrees of deconstruction takes place, where floors and walls are torn away from their home. This is followed by a period of reconstruction, where a parade of strangers comes into their home to do a variety of projects homeowners do not really understand. Remodeling someone’s home is invasive, messy, and will interrupt virtually every routine the homeowners’ follow. It is understandable to get very uneasy during this process. A good remodeler helps homeowners thru the difficult process, and guides them through this difficult time.

At McHenry Remodeling, our entire staff and crew are exceedingly perceptive to the disruption of the daily lives of homeowners, and go beyond to ease the temporary transition into your dream remodel project. Call us today for a free estimate at (541) 926-5903!

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