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How About a Sunroom!

Sunrooms may be a larger project than building a pergola or patio, but it is truly an addition to your home that you can use day and night, all months of the year. At McHenry Remodeling, we design and build sunrooms that fit your home and your needs.

Sunrooms, like any outdoor living structure, are not a one size or design fits all scenario. So many aspects need to be considered to create the perfect space the size, shape, light, etc.

Some homeowners can be surprised at how much a sunroom can influence their existing home when not properly designed, lighting being one of the main effects. For example, an existing home may get a lot of natural light in the back during the afternoon. If you build a large sunroom off the back, it may affect the amount of light that gets to the main home. We may suggest adding skylights to the sunroom to ensure the difference is not too dramatic to homeowners.

The windows of a sunroom are also a large consideration when designing a sunroom. The style depends on the owners taste and sometimes their location. Some clients prefer a sunroom that has floor to ceiling windows. It provides an unobstructed and open view of the outdoors. It is stunning, if the owner wants to use the space year-round, and still enjoy the outdoor scenery.

These are just a few of the considerations that come into play while designing a sunroom. If you are looking at adding one to your home, talk to us today, and we will walk you through the options and process.

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