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How Much Do Windows Cost?

They may be costing you one-third of your energy bill!
Here at McHenry Remodeling, we understand that when it comes to the quality of the products you put in your home, you want the very best. Knowing that we can provide that at a price that will not break the bank is important to us.

Think about the last big purchase you made, a potential lifetime investment. For example, your home. Replacement windows and doors are no exception. However, the truth is, whether we are talking about your home or your windows these are choices you are going to have to live with, so wouldn’t you prefer to do it right the first time AND get all the qualities you are looking for?

You may be thinking, “They’re just windows, what’s the big deal?”
However, when it comes to the windows in your home, they are just as unique as you are. Understanding that you will be looking out of your windows and unlocking your door quite regularly is important. Windows are typically a one-time investment and there are many factors to take into account when researching and purchasing your windows such as glass, safety features, energy efficiency, and operational mechanisms.

Unfortunately, many first time shoppers focus solely on the initial cost of their home remodeling project and fail to realize the long-term consequences of finding the “cheapest” estimate. When replacing windows it is important to remember the difference between value and cost. In many cases a lower price tag compromises things like the workmanship, quality, aesthetic appeal, and lower maintenance.

In order to achieve the best level of efficiency, a window must be properly installed. It is said, that one-third of your energy bills goes out your windows, literally. To ensure that you are getting the best performance from your energy-efficient windows, it is crucial to not compromise price, over long-term savings. With a quality installation, you can rest assured that your new windows will provide you with the best efficiency, throughout the year.

As you can see, we like to be extremely thorough and it certainly reflects in the quality of work we produce. We want to be sure that our customers are educated on the relevance of each detail leading to the overall success of their project. McHenry Remodeling is a Trade Ally of Energy Trust of Oregon to help you reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of your home.

At McHenry Remodeling, our entire staff and crew are exceedingly perceptive to the needs of our customers, and that sets us apart from other contractors. Call us today for a free estimate at (541) 926-5903!

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