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Why We Choose James Hardie™ Siding

Choosing a home siding can be an intimidating process, and McHenry Remodeling is here to make your decision easier! There are numerous reasons to choose James Hardie™ siding, this product has many great qualities, plus they combine attractive design with high performance.

This material is very durable so it’s going to withstand your environment without warping, sagging, or melting. We also must mention, it’s 5 times thicker than vinyl, resistant to moisture, rot and mold! Besides being durable, it can also aid in keeping you safe because of its noncombustible and fire resistant properties. Due to James Hardie™ siding being fire rated, it can lower your home owner’s insurance premiums. This product also provides a stronger barrier to the cold/heat elements of the Pacific Northwest weather.

McHenry Remodeling is a James Hardie™ Preferred Contractor, so if you want a siding that will live up to your expectations, then we strongly recommend this product. James Hardie™ siding will keep your house looking good for decades to come without excessive maintenance, saving you time and money! Call McHenry Remodeling at (541) 926-5903 today to make an appointment!

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