Do I Really Want to Remodel My Kitchen?

The very first thought of a kitchen-remodeling project transpires because of several different reasons. You may want to upgrade your cabinets and make your kitchen design more functional for your lifestyle. You may want your kitchen remodel to include enlarging your space by taking out walls or adding a small addition. You may want to remodel just because you need new appliances and NOW would be the time for the complete kitchen renovation. The thought can be very overwhelming, especially if you do not have the knowledge of what goes into a kitchen remodel.

Does a Home Addition Have to Start From Scratch?

You know you want a home addition, but what you might not know is that addition can begin with space you already have.

As a home addition contractor, I speak with so many homeowners who want to add more living space but who may not have the lot size or budget to “start from scratch.” In these cases, we are often able to pick a different starting point: space that already exists.

4 Tips to Make Remodeling Stress Free

Some people find that remodeling their home is fun and exciting — making big plans, dreaming about how it will look, selecting design options, picking colors and fixtures, and then watching as your house is transformed into your dream home. However, if you are someone who finds making design and remodeling-related decisions stressful, and the thought of having people working in your home is anxiety producing, have no fear!

Design the Perfect Powder Room

With the holiday season in full swing, many of us will have more guests around our homes than usual. We tend to do many things to make family and friends feel welcome when they visit during the holidays, like preparing special treats or offering them a cup of holiday cheer. You may also take extra care in cleaning and preparing your home, decorating for the holidays, and making sure there is ample space for guests to sit and relax. 

Create Your Island Paradise

At this time of year, many people are spending even more time in the kitchen than normal:  baking special treats, preparing holiday meals, and socializing with family and friends. All of this activity in the kitchen can make you realize the importance of having extra space and purpose built storage to meet all of your food preparation, dining, and entertaining needs. The kitchen island has become a key component of meeting these requirements in today’s kitchen design, particularly as open-plan kitchens have increased in popularity.

A Guide to Incorporating Storage in your Bathroom Design

An effective bathroom design inspires you in the morning and provides a relaxing haven to unwind at the end of a long day. In addition to selecting the right tile, shower enclosure, and other features, storage is key to maximizing the benefit of your bathroom renovation. With so many options available, every bottle, tube of make-up, and towel can have a designated place and your bathroom can always be clutter free. 

Start by asking yourself these key questions when looking for the best storage solutions:

Give Yourself the Gift of a Dream Kitchen!

In the midst of the holiday season, may we suggest starting your gift list with the words: “Dream Kitchen”? Wouldn’t that be the best gift ever? Have you been feeling that you need to do something to help your kitchen? Does it scream of inefficiency and confusion? Are the cabinets ancient? Have your counters seen better days?

Great Products for Your Bathroom Remodel

When you are planning your bathroom renovation, take some time to explore new products being offered. Some may surprise you and some could be just the thing to create that spa-like feeling you are after.

We wanted to share just a few that we feel can really make a difference in the way your bathroom looks, feels and functions for years to come. Maybe they are not all for you, but you may well find some ideas you love!

Lowering the Threshold in your Bathroom Design

Bathroom remodels have seen a significant trend toward leaving out the bathtub in favor of a larger shower with more features. Removing the requirement for a bathtub leaves room in your remodel budget for additional luxury add-ons for your shower, and a shower-only bathroom design opens up numerous options for the shower in any size bathroom. One of the latest trends in shower design is a low or no-threshold shower, which significantly reduces or removes the curb between the shower space and the rest of the bathroom.